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How It Works

Save time & money.

Traditional wire baskets are made from multiple strands of thin wire, resulting in a basket that slackens or relaxes over time. Many break after very little use.

Braun Wire Baskets, on the other hand, simply don’t break. Braun’s patented wire basket design is crafted from a single strand of wire. Each basket’s vertical ribs are contained and reinforced by horizontal ribs on the outside of the basket.

Because of this, each basket only needs to be crimped on one side — taking up to 90% less time and physical effort to tighten. And, as a bonus, each tree looks fantastic when it’s been packaged with a Braun Basket — and better-looking trees increase sales.

Manufactured in Canada at our Hamilton, Ontario location, Braun Wire Baskets ship across North America.

Spend up to 90% less time crimping and get a better-looking, tight root-ball package. That’s money that will go straight to your bottom line.
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