Wire Baskets for Tree Nursuries

Simply a better basket.

Made-to-fit wire baskets that are safe, versatile and will not break.

Precise fit.

One size basket does not fit every tree. Braun works directly with spade manufacturers to produce the best-fitting baskets for specific spade models.

Extraordinary strength.

Buy a basket that works as hard as you do. When you use a Braun basket, you’re using a basket welded with the highest grade of wire.


Braun’s wire baskets simply do not break. In the rare case that yours does, and the tree is damaged, we’ll replace the basket and your tree for free.

Save time & money.

Braun's revolutionary continuous wire baskets are made to perfectly match your spade. Their patented design allows the baskets to be crimped up to 90% faster and moved using almost any method. Without ever breaking.

Spend up to 90% less time crimping and get a better-looking, tight root-ball package. That’s money that will go straight to your bottom line.
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Get a better basket today.

Find the basket that fits your spade

Choose your custom-sized burlap and rope

Order and enjoy the savings

Wire Baskets

Braun Wire Baskets ship across North America.

Need help finding the right fit?

Use our basket finder tool to quickly narrow down the right fit for your spade.

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