Burlap | Braun Wire Baskets


Keep the soil and roots of your trees safe from damage while in transport.

When moving trees, the right burlap is indispensable, keeping the soil and the developing roots of trees from getting damaged while in transport. The breathability of burlap allows oxygen to circulate — promoting healing of the roots — while also allowing water to absorb.

Made from the jute plant, Braun burlap is eco-friendly and easily breaks down once a tree is planted in the earth.

Choose between:

  • Standard or heavyweight jute
  • Untreated or treated
  • Liners or squares — cut to fit your basket size

Braun also supplies:   

  • Twine rope
  • Sisal rope
  • J-hook crimping tools
  • Tarps

Basket Options

Burlap Options
If you would like to purchase smaller volumes of baskets and burlap, please email us.