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About Us

Cultivating a healthy, vibrant horticulture industry.

At Braun, we believe that trees are good for people. We also believe that quality products are good for business. These two concepts, when combined, are the reason Braun is in business.

From our humble beginnings as a small, family-owned garden center and landscaping business to the larger group of companies Braun represents today, we’ve always had a vision for a healthier horticultural industry at our core.

Our growing background has given our team a deep understanding of the ups and downs that come with each growing season. This understanding, along with a genuine desire to help out other growers, is what inspired our innovative wire basket design. Each basket is virtually unbreakable, ensuring that other growers can save time and money.

Today, we manufacture our patented wire basket design in Canada at our Hamilton, Ontario location. From here, we ship across North America.